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White Cloud Turns 5

White Cloud 5th Bday 4K from Tracey Petrie on Vimeo.

When hiring, does inhouse talent save you time and money?

Why use a specialist recruiter (such as White Cloud Recruitment) to help you find your next candidate when you have Talent teams or a Hiring Manager who can do it? Let me give you some “Pro’s and Con’s”….. Advantages of using White Cloud for hiring Change Managers Faster Hiring – meaning you are not spending days/weeks/months going through CV’s and […]

Change Management Market Update

After having lots of discussions with Change Management practioners on what is happening or not happening in the market, I thought prudent to write one of my amazing, well written and interesting articles (and yes go grab that cup of coffee before you do start!). With all that has happened in the past year (interest rates, ongoing war in Ukraine, share […]

White Cloud Turns 4

White Cloud Turns 4 from Tracey Petrie on Vimeo.

What to include in your Change Management CV

I have read thousands upon thousands of CV’s over the past 25 years as a Recruiter so wanted to share some tips on how to write an informative yet clear and concise resume for Organisational Change Practioners. The market is competitive so you want cut through with your CV – one that stands out and ensures you get that interview. Remember not all recruiters are created equal […]

Change Management – so much more than just “Training and Comms”!

Change Management has grown over the past 30 years and really come into its own discipline. But WHAT exactly does a Change Manager do? Prosci | The Global Leader in Change Management Solutions is an organisation that focusses on helping people and organisations build change management capabilities.  They have some great articles on Change Management if you have time to […]

Things you should be asking before undertaking business change.

A lot of organizations are having to undergo some sort of change to their business right now. There are external pressures (interest rates, cost of living, war overseas etc) as well as internal pressures (hybrid working, retention of staff, ensuring staff feel supported, trusted, valued, and have a safe place to work – both mentally and physically etc). Let us […]

Undergoing Business Change?

Change Management – White Cloud Recruitment from Tracey Petrie on Vimeo.

Getting Multiple Job Offers?

There is a lot of advice out there on this subject.  I have read some advice online and heartily agreed and read other advice and thought “oh no do NOT do that!”. So with the market being competitive in the change space and candidates finding they can receive multiple job offers I thought I’d give some simple tips.    I do […]

5 in 5 with Earth2Mars talking about “What it takes to be a next gen Change Manager in this new world of work”

Earth2Mars 5 in 5 from Tracey Petrie on Vimeo.

Case Study – One company’s journey

WHO The Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust (SMCT) is a community based, not-for-profit organisation, committed to serving the needs of Melbourne communities.  SMCT have 330 staff of which approximately 30% are part time and 70% are full time employees.   They run 9 Cemeteries within the Melbourne Area. The WHY for Change Their project slate was varied from a Digital Transformation, Operating […]

5 in 5 with Finbar O’Hanlon talking about “How we build a Workforce with the skills of the Future”

5 in 5 with Finbar Ohanlon from Tracey Petrie on Vimeo.

Needing Change Management?

Change Management and how White Cloud Recruitment can help you.

White Cloud Recruitment featured in Sunrise News

White Cloud Recruitment has been operating since 2019 under the leadership of Change Management recruitment specialist Tracey Petrie. Tracey understands the need to carefully consult with businesses to determine what they … read the article 

Can job hopping damage your career? | INTHEBLACK (cpaaustralia.com.au)

This is a great article by Jessica Mudditt. Jessica interviewed Tracey Petrie and some other recruitment specialists about this topic “How often is too often when it comes to changing jobs?” This was published in the October 2021 issue of CPA’s member magazine, INTHEBLACK Click into the link INTHEBLACK above to be directed to this article.

Sliding Doors, Making Hay and other adages……

To be honest I have never been a fan of Gwyneth Paltrow but a movie she was in “sliding doors” certainly did have an impact on me.  I have had several of these “sliding door” moments in my life and I admit I have thought “what if?”  What if I hadn’t moved to Wellington in 1999?   Would I still have […]

Sunrise News published an article on Change Management


Michael Fernanez interviews Tracey in The Daily Scanner

How Tracey Petrie developed top Change Management Recruitment business White Cloud Recruitment – interview with Michael Fernandez

What is Change Management and why you need White Cloud Recruitment.

What is Change Management and How Can Tracey Petrie of White Cloud Recruitment Help You?

Who is Tracey Petrie – What is Change and Partnering with White Cloud

Tracey Petrie has a passion for improving businesses and ensuring that they are able to connect with their customers more effectively. When changes of any kind occur within a business, Tracey at White Cloud Recruitment can help you find the perfect person to oversee these changes and ensure that they run smoothly. Read the full article in Best in Australia […]

NEW PODCAST EPISODE – How To Nail That Interview:

In the latest episode of #casadecambio #podcast, Melbourne’s #1 change recruiter Tracey Petrie, founder and managing director of White Cloud Recruitment returns as a guest to discuss all things interviews.She gives a lot of amazing tips and advice based on her many years interviewing and screening candidates. She also puts me on the spot and asks me a typical change management interview question, […]

Everyone on the same page: Change Management in Action

Despite the business and training landscape being awash with courses to teach people the principles of change management, it’s a process some people can struggle with.
Read this interview with Tracey Petrie of White Cloud Recruitment – by MYOB in July 2021.

White Cloud Recruitment

Video on types of projects that you can utilise a Change Manager and how White Cloud Recruitment can help you.

Happy Birthday White Cloud Recruitment

Fun video of what projects we have been involved in sourcing Change Practioners on – and some lovely clients we have partnered with.

What is Change Management & Why You Need It

Watch our video on Change Management – what it is and when you may need it!

Shedding the Guilt

From a woman’s point of view – how to shed this thing called Mothers Guilt! Embrace your Freetime.

Future Gazing – #Covidnormal

Here we are in October 2020 and still all of us are unsure of what our future work will look like. Will we be working in the city full time, 4 days, 3 days a week. Will Zoom/MS Team just be the usual way we communicate? Will we ever have watercooler conversations without masks? Will I have to take off […]

When you need Change Management

Check out our 1 minute video….

Getting into Change

Are you looking to change your career and have fallen in love with Change Management? You are not alone! I get lots of phone calls or emails each week of people who have had exposure to Change Management (through a course or have been impacted by change and liaised with the Change team) and wanting to learn more. I can […]

The Pros and Cons of Working From Home

After talking with over 300 people who are currently working from home, we have some pros and cons as well as some good ideas to keep up communication.

The Complexity of Simplicity

With everyone, including the NSW Premier, encouraging Innovation, I thought you may all like to watch someone give you some tips to help you on this journey. Finbar OHanlon gave a TED talk last year around The Complexity of Simplicity. Funnily enough Finbar and I saw each other at the dog park this morning (stayed our 1.5 mtr safe distance) and […]

If you feel like you are regressing – you are not alone…..

An interesting viewpoint from an Advisory Expert and Psychologist around three steps we are all going through at the moment.  After the initial rush of adrenaline and enthusiasm, comes a shift we should all be prepared for. Have a read of the article below in the Harvard Business Review by Merete Wedell-Wedellsborg https://hbr.org/2020/05/if-you-feel-like-youre-regressing-youre-not-alone

Podcast Session on “Starting your own business”

In the below link we have Tracey Petrie (White Cloud Recruitment) talking to Natasha Redman (Change Professional) on a podcast about small business start ups and also recruitment for Organisational Change Management.  Listen for a sneak peak below (3 mins). Podcast – Recruitment for Change Natasha Redman (above) has her own podcast talking all things change. If you would like […]

Why Change Management is more critical NOW than ever!

I promise I will not mention the C word today because let us face it – we are TIRED of hearing about it, but I will say these are strange and unusual times and we are all adapting to the best of our ability. Since the world changed (that is not the C word I was talking about!) around us […]

Make That Change

We started off 2020 with a bang – literally.  My son and I were in Fiji during a tropical cyclone over the Christmas break and it seemed the whole world was either burning or flooding.  It was a scary start to the new year but I was glad it had started.  2019 was a tough year.  Talking to clients and […]

What recruiters like to see in a CV for Change Management…..

This is opening pandora’s box isn’t it! I have candidates who tell me the advice I gave them for their CV, well they were told by other recruiters to NOT do that. Ok then – test this – give your CV to a friend who does not have the same specialised skillset as yourself (and not your mum – they […]

To Samba or not to Samba

It is almost three months into my new work rhythm.  I won’t lie, it took a while to adjust to not having to be somewhere or meeting someone each hour of my day. After all the recruitment mantra is always “recruitment is a numbers game!”. X client visits, X candidate meetings, targets to meet.  Those who do not have the […]

Plan, prepare and take the plunge

I have mentored, coached and given advice to hundreds if not thousands of people over my 30+ year career. Getting them to weigh up the pros and cons of a move, talking to others in the industry who have made a move sideways, backwards or upwards to their “dream job”. Getting them to write down what they love doing, what they are […]

Hiring for Change

As recruiters, we are often asked questions from change practitioners such as: What do employers look for in a change professional?

Could a side step be the move that redefines your career?

Often looked at as a pointless (at best) or downright risky (at worst) move, there is a growing realisation that a well-executed side step could open up a whole new playing field for your career.

The year that was…

Dear Diary, Let me start with a confession. I am not a natural writer. I am however a voracious reader, and admire people’s ability to pour their imagination onto paper and be creative and witty and keep the reader engaged.

5 Reasons Why You Need A Change Manager

Actually there are hundreds of reasons you need a change manager but we don’t have all day so I have narrowed it down for you.

Life after change

A lot of people are starting their careers in Change Management thanks to fabulous Change Management “Pioneers” who carved out a specialisation over the past 25+ years.

Change Management: The times they are A-Changin

“The times they are A-Changin” to quote the 2016 Nobel prize winner in Literacy – Bob Dylan. The pace of change in 2017 seems to have sped up or is it just me getting older?

The year of change

It has been a busy start to 2016 for the Project, Change & Transformation Practice at Ampersand. With Laura Frazer now on board heading up our Melbourne Project Services portfolio, we have been connecting and collaborating with our clients across Melbourne.