Change Management Market Update

After having lots of discussions with Change Management practioners on what is happening or not happening in the market, I thought prudent to write one of my amazing, well written and interesting articles (and yes go grab that cup of coffee before you do start!). With all that has happened in the past year (interest rates, ongoing war in Ukraine, share […]

What to include in your Change Management CV

I have read thousands upon thousands of CV’s over the past 25 years as a Recruiter so wanted to share some tips on how to write an informative yet clear and concise resume for Organisational Change Practioners. The market is competitive so you want cut through with your CV – one that stands out and ensures you get that interview. Remember not all recruiters are created equal […]

Things you should be asking before undertaking business change.

A lot of organizations are having to undergo some sort of change to their business right now. There are external pressures (interest rates, cost of living, war overseas etc) as well as internal pressures (hybrid working, retention of staff, ensuring staff feel supported, trusted, valued, and have a safe place to work – both mentally and physically etc). Let us […]

White Cloud Recruitment featured in Sunrise News

White Cloud Recruitment has been operating since 2019 under the leadership of Change Management recruitment specialist Tracey Petrie. Tracey understands the need to carefully consult with businesses to determine what they … read the article 

Sunrise News published an article on Change Management


Michael Fernanez interviews Tracey in The Daily Scanner

How Tracey Petrie developed top Change Management Recruitment business White Cloud Recruitment – interview with Michael Fernandez

What is Change Management and why you need White Cloud Recruitment.

What is Change Management and How Can Tracey Petrie of White Cloud Recruitment Help You?

Who is Tracey Petrie – What is Change and Partnering with White Cloud

Tracey Petrie has a passion for improving businesses and ensuring that they are able to connect with their customers more effectively. When changes of any kind occur within a business, Tracey at White Cloud Recruitment can help you find the perfect person to oversee these changes and ensure that they run smoothly. Read the full article in Best in Australia […]

Everyone on the same page: Change Management in Action

Despite the business and training landscape being awash with courses to teach people the principles of change management, it’s a process some people can struggle with.
Read this interview with Tracey Petrie of White Cloud Recruitment – by MYOB in July 2021.